Phone tracking – Questions and Answers

It’s hard to deny the fact that phone tracking has become a popular amenity for smartphone users in the recent years. Parents like the option of keeping up with their children on many occasions. In the event of a stolen phone, tracking ability can help you find your phone and the thief. Apple has services to find any of their devices in case they are stolen. There are many other occasions in which one might want to track a phone. These desires are often met with the necessity of being discrete and there are different ways to accomplish these goals. In today’s article we will tell about some of them in detail – hopefully, the information provided will help you find an optimal way to track your or someone else’s phone without too much hassle and answer all of the questions you might have regarding the intricate process of phone tracking. However, please, note that we don’t encourage spying on other people by telling our readers about various tracking techniques, so please, use the information obtained from this article responsibly.

How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number?

If you failed to download the “find my phone” app on your iPhone before it went missing, or are searching for someone else’s iPhone, you can still do it and track the phone down. There are numerous apps available for such purposes. The phone number is often all the identifying information you will need. One of the most obvious options out there is Foursquare – you can find a user by searching for their phone number and get their general location if they have been checking into any places recently.

But what if the one in possession of the smartphone you’re trying to track down is not that much of a social person? Then you will probably have to resort to the help of Mobile Number Locator or some similar apps capable of accomplishing this task.

Besides, it’s worth saying that you actually don’t even have to depend on an app should you need to track an iPhone. The Find My iPhone functionality is yet another fairly simple way to do that. If you failed to install any of the abovementioned applications on your mobile device or are tracking a phone you think may not have any tracking apps on it, you can try your luck with Find My Phone. Apple has taken this need very seriously, considering the high rate of thefts concerning mobile devices. The process is incredibly simple – just go to from any PC, Mac or use the Find My iPhone app on any other mobile device by Apple. Of course, you will need to provide your Apple ID and password to do that, so hopefully you know it by heart or have it written down somewhere. If the login information is all right, you will see your iPhone on the map. If it’s within your immediate vicinity, you can choose to play a sound on your device to make the process of looking for it easier. If, however, you believe that it has been lost or stolen from you, you can choose from the following options: lock your device with a 4-digit passcode, permanently display a custom message on its screen, or delete all personal and financial information from it remotely.

Tracking a Cell Phone without the Person in Possession Knowing

Unfortunately, there are some unpleasant circumstances when you may have to be sneaky about finding out a cell phone’s location. Parents usually put some sort of tracking app on their kids’ phones for safety reasons, and other family members may do the same for each other. When you are tracking a stolen phone or trying to find out about an unfaithful spouse, however, you may need to be more discrete. This is when you need to start researching spy apps. Not only can you gain information about the location and geographic area of the phone and owner at any time with the help of those, but you can also access the phone’s other functions. You can see the text messages, control apps, and monitor internet activity. These apps are aimed at complete surveillance. The only limiting factor of spy apps is the fact that they cannot be used unless they are actually installed on the phone they are intended to be used on. Once one of these apps is installed on the phone, however, it cannot be detected by the user of the phone. It is suggested to get ahold of the user’s phone when they are not around to install the app without them noticing.

Using spy apps to track cell phone location without them knowing is no rocket science. Just use Google to see what types of apps are there – or even address your phone service provider to check if they can pre-install tracking apps on smartphones right when you order them. You can have all of this set up and installed before handing out phones to your family members if you want to keep the surveillance a secret. Most of these services are made to cover many different spy needs, not just location. There may be different degrees of tracking available with your provider. You will need to check with a customer service repressive or search online to get all of the information and possibilities for your particular phones.

Other options include searching online for free apps to serve your specific purpose. If you know the user’s Apple or Google Play ID and password, you can find out sufficient information and track the phones, as well. Reverse phone number lookup can also give you some information. You have to consider your individual situation and find the tracking system that works best for you.

Is There a Mobile Tracker Android OS Would Work with?

Indeed, there is. Tracking an Android-based mobile phone is just as simple as tracing an Apple device. You can either download the app on your Android device, or look up the program online once the phone is missing. The place you need to go is called Android device manager. You can easily access device manager through another Android device or you can use a web browser to do so. Simply log in with your Google Play username and password to gain access. Once you have logged into the account the phone in question can be located. You will be presented with a map showing where the phone is. Unfortunately, right now the software is only capable of giving you an approximate location but that should be enough for you to understand whether your phone is lost at home or stolen. There will also be options once you are logged in to view other information on the device, such as texts, apps, and internet searches. This option is meant to give a phone owner complete access to their phone’s information. Therefore, if you are using it for surveillance, you will have access to more than simple location.

In most cases tracking apps are used as a part of an overall spy system. This allows the seeker to find out a large amount of information when needed. Parental concern is a main priority when teenagers first get a phone and start doing more things on their own. Safety usually drives this sort of surveillance and can ease a parent’s mind when children do not answer their phones. Other curiosities, however, drive the demand for detailed spying options. Whether your phone is stolen or you just have reason to find out more information about someone, there are many options available. Take the time to research the phone specific apps and services. You can also look online for tracking apps or check with your mobile service provider for family safe options. There is such a high demand for these services, you are very likely to find one that suits your unique needs.