Everything you should know about text SMS Tracker Software

Whether you are concerned about what kind of text messages your children are sending or concerned about how faithful your partner is, installing a text SMS tracker might be a solution for you, though not always legal (more on that below). Using spy apps, you can have text messages from your spouse’s or child’s phone emailed directly to you so that you know exactly who they are talking to and what they are saying. Virtually undetectable, text message tracking apps can ease your mind or confirm your fears, allowing you to know the truth about what the people in your life are involved in. By using a spy app, you can get full access to SMS text messages, MMS text messages and call logs on the targeted smartphone, and can even receive information on visited websites. Most spy apps have a hidden icon on mobile devices, making it practically undetectable while it’s running on a device, all while closely monitoring the phone’s activity. In general, most spy apps provide thorough SMS tracking, allowing you to keep tabs on the things you want to.

Are SMS Trackers Free?

Most SMS trackers are available as paid services, offering subscriptions to users on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. There are, however, several SMS trackers that are free. While you may be inundated with ads and miss out on some of the bells and whistles of a paid app, there are free SMS trackers that function just as well as the ones you subscribe to. It just really depends on why you are using it as well as what you expect to get from it. Some of the most popular free SMS trackers are:

1. mCouple: While this app is marketed as a way to bring couples closer together, don’t doubt for a second that it is used for spying as well. This free app contains a GPS tracker, contacts tracker, SMS tracker, and a call tracker. The SMS tracker and call tracker will not work on non-iOS devices.

2. Mobipast: This free SMS tracker works on both Apple and Android devices. Mobipast allows you to track SMS conversations, Facebook chats, as well as offers a GPS tracking feature. They claim to be ideal for monitoring your children’s conversations.

3. Easy Logger: This free SMS tracker allows you to remotely access call logs in addition to text messages, app usage, and GPS location tracking in real-time. This app only works on Android operating systems.

4. Mobile Tracker Free: Featuring SMS tracking, GPS tracking, call logs, as well as access to a phone’s calendar, the Mobile Tracker Free offers a truly thorough way to track a device. This app is also only available on Android devices.

5. The Truth Spy: An invisible SMS tracker for iPhones, the Truth Spy is a free SMS tracker that allows you to track messages, call logs, and even constrain incoming calls.

While all of the abovementioned apps are available for free download from Google Play or from their developers’ official websites, most of them also offer in-app purchases. Those allow you to remove ads if you are bothered by them or get access to extra features, such as social network chat tracking, access to media on the targeted device, etc.

What is the Best Text Message Tracker?

The best text message tracker differs between operating systems. The most recommended text message tracker for an Android device is Auto Forward Spy. The tracker costs $69.99 and has been proven repeatedly to be one of the best spy apps available on the market. It also offers free customer support in the event that you need it. Its features include but are not limited to the following:

  • Text message tracking for incoming texts and history
  • GPS tracking that updates every 5 minutes
  • Access to the contact list, including names, numbers, and email addresses
  • Access to browser history, unless the person was incognito at the time
  • Take photos remotely using the phone you are tracking’s own camera
  • Email and call monitoring as it is happening
  • Monitor social media on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site
  • Call recording

  • Since Apple and Android devices operate on different platforms, there is a different app available for iOS that would operate better given the safeguards on an iPhone or iPad. The best recommended iOS tracker is Highster Mobile – well, at least we are confident it is the best as it outperformed all rivals during our in-house tests. This text message tracker has been around for many years and proven itself as being tried and true. Customer support for this app is free, but just like Auto Forward Spy, it costs $69.99. Its features include:

  • Text message tracking from any phone
  • Can pull deleted and old text messages as far back as a year old
  • Pull data from calls for both incoming and outgoing as well as the call history log
  • GPS tracking within 50 feet of where the phone actually is
  • Full access to new and old photos, videos and other media
  • Social media tracking for Facebook, Twitter, or any site
  • Web browser history access as long as the user was not in incognito mode

  • Naturally there are many routes you could go as far as text message tracking goes, but depending on the selection of features you need from a spy app, there is one out there for you.

    Are Text Message Trackers Legal?

    While sitting on the side of wanting to track someone’s text messages, it may seem perfectly reasonable to download a spy app. But there are some other questions to keep in mind. Text message trackers can be used not just for your spouse’s or child’s phone, but they can also be used on you by someone else. Say you have a jealous ex; he or she could be recording phone calls you make to a new lover. Someone could be watching what you are texting, even accessing your nude photos if you happen to have any. That is when you may rethink the benefits of using a text message tracker.

    Spyware is not a new concept. Though most people now have a smartphone, PC-oriented spyware has existed for much longer. There are usually legal disclaimers put in fine print on the bottom of spying app developers’ websites saying that using the software for illegal purposes is against their terms and conditions. While they advertise on one hand keeping an eye on children, on the other they promote the use for watching for infidelity.

    It is illegal per the Wiretap Act to intercept communication if one of the parties is not aware of it. So if you are looking at an ex’s phone log without his or her consent, it is illegal. Of course, laws differ from country to country so make sure you check what your state legislation has to say about spy apps. In the US, for instance, the only cases when using a text message tracker is allowed when the other person is not fully aware of it are a) when they are your child, under the age of 18, or b) in the case of companies monitoring their employee’s work devices. Also keep in mind that the call recording function on a lot of these tracking apps is not admissible in court if the other person is unware of being recorded. So even if you were trying to catch someone saying something, it does not matter. Be smart and always use the apps for legal purposes only. On the other hand, however, the chances of someone taking legal action against you (provided you’re not using spyware to steal their money or publish their personal info on the web) are always fairly low. Anyway, the final decision, as always, is up to you. Hope this article helps you make it! You can watch a good video to understand in detail - how it works.