Track IPhone

Have you ever considered keeping a tab on your friends or your family members as to where they hang out, especially if you are concerned about them or wish to keep up with them? Do you sometimes feel that you need to install a reliable application on your expensive iPhone so that you can easily track it if misplaced or stolen? Do you suspect that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you and wish to know about their whereabouts? If you’ve been worried about your teenage son or daughter not going in the right direction, then you certainly need to learn how to track them using an iPhone.

Yes! An iPhone can do that all for you. You can be aware of your kids’, family members’, friends’ or partner’s location easily by tracking them with their iPhones. This isn’t rocket science. It is technically possible owing to the plethora of options this smartphone has to offer to the masses. Gone are the days when you could do nothing but just worry or set a spy on somebody. In this era of technological advancement, an iPhone can do much more than offering reliable communication services. Read further in order to learn how you can accomplish this successfully and in no time.

Can you track an iPhone?

You must be wondering whether it is really possible to track an iPhone. The answer is yes! Tracking an iPhone is quite simple owing to the plethora of apps that aid in tracking and also due to the built-in GPS. You can put your iPhone to some good use by using it as a real time tracking device with the use of GPS location tracking. This will offer you the accurate phone location in real time. The technology is so advanced that you can watch it on your Mac or PC as its real-time location data updates in seconds. The best thing is that the person who has the device wouldn’t even be aware of being tracked. Doesn’t this seem to be a great option to track your teenage kids or your spouse?

Parents who want to keep a serious tab on their children’s activities must consider buying them an iPhone right away as iPhone helps in easy tracking of their location. All you would need is any iPhone irrespective of running on a recent iOS platform or old. The only thing about utilizing a first generation iPhone would be that the data wouldn’t be as accurate as offered by the latest models. This is because all the latest models come with a GPS chip that make the tracking process much easier which wouldn’t be possible with the first generation models. The other requirement would be that the smartphone must be present within the range of the cell phone towers. Tracking feature also works on iPads and iPod Touch if the device has a wireless option enabled.

The GPS location tracking service that is offered in iPhones is ideal for use in case you have misplaced your device or in case it has been stolen. This can be done with the aid of the Find my iPhone feature which is a part of the iCloud. You need to seriously consider this easy option of tracking the device with the use of GPS if you have the habit of misplacing your device. This feature can help you get real-time location of your phone. There isn’t any limit on the number of times you are tracking the location of your device. The best thing about the feature is that you just don’t have the option of tracking your device. You have the provision of tracking other iPhone devices too. Third party app usage can also be considered for specific cases.

How do you track an iPhone?

Now you must be wondering how actually one tracks an iPhone. The first thing that needs to be done is setting up the location tracking feature on an iPhone. Whether it is yours or your children’s, you need to ensure that the settings are alright so that the device can be tracked anytime. You need to quickly grab the device and access the Settings. Choose iCloud and then enter all the relevant details about your iCloud account. Once you are done, then scroll down the options and ensure that the Find My Phone feature is ON. Your smartphone is now ready to be tracked. This whole process would take no more than 10 minutes. However, you need to ensure that your iCloud account is activated well in advance.

You can then utilize a computer that has internet access and log on to your iCloud account. Select the Find My Phone feature and you would be able to track all the devices that have been configured with your iCloud account. Click on the device that you wish to track and a map will be displayed thus offering you the accurate device location. If the device is currently in motion, you will receive live updates on the screen. Can tracking a device location get any simpler?

If you consider using third party apps on the device, then you need to ensure that the app that you are willing to use for the purpose of tracking has been installed on the iPhone, iPad or iPod you want to trace. You need to go the App Store and then download the application on the device. There are several applications that can be hidden on the device so that you aren’t caught spying on your boyfriend or girlfriend. This will require some time and a few steps to be followed. These apps can offer you more than just the device location. Several apps can even help you track the call logs and messages when installed on the target device. This can be done if you have frequent access to the abovementioned device and can get enough time and privacy for the installation process. This must not take more than 20 minutes. However, you need to be prepared well in advance in order to avoid getting caught and landing yourself in an awkward situation.

iPhone locator app

There are several apps available on the App Store that can help you track the location of your son, daughter, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend. With those, you have tons of options available and don’t have to solely depend on Apple’s Find My Phone feature. A few third party apps will be discussed further.

1. Connect

This app can help follow anybody you wish to. Connect lets you collect your social contacts that are split and jumbled across various platforms, apps and devices. This app doesn’t make use of the virtual check-in feature which prompts the users to have their location settings activated.

2. Find My Friends

This app lets you monitor when your spouse leaves for work or when your kids leave for college. Friends who have given their permission to share their locations with you appear on a map so that you can easily find out what they are up to. Find My Friends easily syncs the maps and the phone contacts on your iPhone. This app also lets you choose who you decide to share your location with.

3. Tracker 3.0

This app can be easily used to track family members. At a time, only seven members can be tracked. This app has to be downloaded on both devices (on the device to be tracked and on the device that is tracking). The permission is of course required on the device being tracked. Tracker 3.0 offers you text alerts when somebody moves out of an area such as when your daughter leaves the home while you are away at work. Previously, it used to be available on paid basis but is now offered for free.

4. AccuTracking

This app is of great help to the parents who wish to keep a tab on their children. It has been successfully running for over a decade and is extremely simple to use. AccuTracking ensures that any number of people can be tracked by the user whenever and wherever. Even companies can keep a tab on their employees with the use of this app. Tracking can also be done through a desktop computer. The web browser of the phone can be utilized to download the app. AccuTracking isn’t supported by Apple’s App Store. Note that you need to follow certain procedures before having the app installed on the device securely.

You can find the application more and see a demo - here.